If you are visiting Prague, there are a lot of options what to do. This beautiful city is famous mostly for its historical sights. But there are also a lot of different activities, which you can try with your group of friends! Probably the best adrenalin experience for you is a shooting range. And lucky for you, we know a great place, where you can try different guns, try interesting challenges and learn a lot about guns from different countries. We absolutely recommend to go there with your friends, because it is so much more fun, when you shoot together. You can also take someone from your family to try this experience.


Do you want to try a new hobby? Shooting is a really cool one. And shooting range Prague https://outbackprague.com/ is the best place to learn how to shoot! Professional and well-experienced instructors will teach you everything you will need. Theses instructors will guide you through the whole process of learning how to shoot. You can try a lot of different guns and find the type, which suits you the best.

Don´t worry, the whole experience in the shooting range is safe. The instructors know exactly what to do and they will take care about your safety. However, it is also important for you to be careful and always remember what your instructor told you. There are safety protocols which everybody has to follow.


If you are a player, you will love competitive shooting! There are a lot of various challenges which you can try and beat your friends in shooting disciplines. Do you think that you are better than your friends? Let´s find out! Buy a shooting package today and try how talented you are!

We believe that you will have fun with your friends and that shooting can became your new adrenaline hobby! It can also became your way how to stop stressing about work, when you will concentrate on your shooting experience.